Shigeo Noguchi

Appears in ["The Academy"], and mentioned in The Reunion.

“The undisputed Trainer of Trainers in his part of the world.” His training methods are described as unspeakably brutal. It was said that his school rejected at least a dozen applicants for each position, and then weeded out half of those who were accepted. Noguchi has at least two Marketplace slaves present at The Academy, probably more. Becomes a member of The Regents, which is important because. “As Noguchi goes, so do the great Japanese houses, trainers and spotters alike.”

Personal Description: At least 80 years old (some said ninety) he seemed to be made of seasoned timber, as ancient and creaky as the central beam of an old country house. Naguchi prefers “Saville Row” style dress and speaks English with a British accent. He has two daughters who both petition him for the use of Robertson-Graves. Noguchi retires in 1995. He trained Sakai Tetsuo and has been grooming him to become the successor to his Training House, and as Trainer of Trainers for Japan.

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