Sakai Tetsuo is introduced in The Academy, and appears in The Reunion and The Inheritor. He is also an Owner.

Runs the second most important training school in Japan, next to Noguchi Shigeo. He becomes Trainer of Trainers for Japan when Noguchi retires. Tetsuo becomes a member of The Regents. Trainers of his line include --. Other Trainers in his house include Saburo and Abe Jiro, who eventually goes to study with Imala Anderson as a trade for Chris Parker. There are also three unnamed junior trainers in the Training House when Chris Parker is purchased.

Personal Description: Tetsuo is a 50-something Japanese businessman who honors his country, but personally prefers Western style garb, entertainment, and conversation. His hair was a dense mixture of gray and white, trimmed just a little longer than current Tokyo fashion, his blue suit impeccably tailored and pressed, his shoes hand-made and Italian. His tie was knotted tight to his throat, perfectly neat, matched by the shining peaks of his pocket square. He was only slightly taller than Chris Parker... quoted from The Academy.

In the 1980’s, Tetsuo is contacted by Imala Anderson requesting that he take on one of her students, Chris Parker for training, and meets him at that year’s Academy in Upstate New York. During this stay, his daughter Noriko dies tragically in a car accident. In his grief, Tetsuo beats Chris so badly that Chris ends up in the hospital with broken ribs. No charges were filed by any party, and Tetsuo returns Chris to Anderson at the following year’s Academy. The relationship between Tetsuo and Chris Parker remains strong and positive. By the end of The Academy, Tetsuo owns Chris, and plans to open a training facility in Kobe.

Timeline of Significant Events

1939 born, shortly orphaned and raised by an aunt  1955 accepted for training with Noguchi Shigeo  1962 arranged marriage to Suzue  1963 daugher Noriko is born  1966 goes the U.S. for schooling  1969 returns to Japan with an MBA  1973 Suzue dies of cancer  1979 Noriko joins Tetsuo at his training facility  1985 takes on Chris Parker as a trainee  1985 Noriko dies in a car accident; Tetsuo hospitalizes Chris Parker in his anger and grief  1986 returns Chris Parker to Anderson at the following Academy  1993 attends the Academy in Okinawa  1993 purchases Chris Parker from Imala Anderson  1995 marries Azami Murasaki  1996 becomes the Trainer of Trainers in Japan  1996 has two children, Kameko and Machi with Azami  1997 approached by Howard Ward who requests the assistance of Chris Parker to address British Training concern  1998 sends Chris Parker to broker a deal with Philip Harrington and his wife, Angelique Harrington.