appears in The TrainerThe Academy and The Catalyst, a non-Marketplace novella.

Ron Avidan is the only named member of Chris Parker's family. He is the older by nine years, and is described by his former Trainer, Imala Anderson, as: A brilliant scholar who left home to go to Israel, left the kibbutz to go to school, left college to become a slave, and then left slavery because it was too ‘boring’ and became a leather clad master, a pool shark and occasionally a very expensive hustler.By the time of the Academy, he has a boyfriend Noach in New Jersey, along with Noach's two children. By the time of The Reunion Ron will be living with Noach and they will adopt a fourth child.

Ron is not an active Spotter, but still a “member” of The Marketplace. He was initially trained by an unknown trainer and went to Imala Anderson after a two-year contract with an unnamed Owner to see if he could be trained as a Marketplace slave any further. She decided he could not and he took it with good humor, even offering to buy her a drink. He is a friend of Paul Sheridan and owned Brian in a non-Marketplace contract. He meets Michael LaGuardia in a gay bar and again in Okinawa. He attends The Academy with Imala Anderson and sleeps with Juan Matilano on the last night.

Personal Description: His mustache had a little more gray in it that when Michael had last seen him a few month before. He was wearing a black tee shirt and jeans that showed off his handsome, long body and the powerful muscles on his upper arms, and he had a thick earring in one ear.