Robin Cassidy

lead character in The Slave, also appears in The Trainer, The Reunion and The Inheritor.

Robin Cassidy grew up in Upstate New York, near Rochester, and attended SUNY Purchase in Westchester County, where she took Italian and a class in karate. A middle child, older brother and younger sister she visited New York frequently while in school. Trainer of record is Chris Parker, but when he becomes a slave in The Academy, her training representative is shifted to Imala Anderson.

Robin is spotted by Ken Mandarin and lives in her household for a period of time, meeting Cecilia and Andy and Cindy. Ken brings Robin to the attention of Chris, who agrees to train her. Robin is sold toEric Parese and Jimmy Appleton, in 1991 and eventually leased to Monica. In 1995, she begins a three year contract with Monica. She spends the time improving her skills, including massage, bookkeeping, flower arrangement, and home repair and decorating.

When Monica falls in love with Gwen, she chooses not to renew Robin's contract, and Robin takes the time to go to the Reunion. (She is now 32) On the plane, she finds that Chris Parker is joining her (he notes that she is no longer “painfully thin,” as he remembers her when she was in her first contract). She and Chris have sex several times, and he takes her on an insider's tour of his former training house/playground Kaleigh Castle, where she meets all of the staff. She rooms with Carol at the Reunion and meets a genuine Lord and Marketplace trainer Philip Harrington who also encourages her to return to service. Robin recontacts Ken Mandarin, who works with her and puts her into a private auction. At the time of The Inheritor, Robin is the slave of Aiden Donnelly, a wealthy Chicago mogul from a Marketplace family.

Personal Description: age 25 at time of The Slave. Robin always looked as thought she had stepped out of a soap commercial, her face bright and slightly pointy, her burnt mahogany hair swinging free around her shoulders in soft curls. Amber eyes, not taller than Chris. By the time of her first appearance in the series, she also uses reading glasses. Runs for fitness.