Roberto Vasquez Edit

Appears in The Nurse, a story narrated by Chris Parker in The Academy. The story was written by Karen Taylor.

Roberto Vasquez lives in New Mexico with his lover, Lamont. He teaches at the local university, but has family wealth from mining in Ocotlan, and is an Owner. Roberto is a friend of Eric Parese andJimmy Appleton (Jimmy is his investment counselor).

Roberto owned Pedro prior to his relationship and once owned a Russian slave to teach him the language (this Marketplace slave may have received some training from Corinne). Purchases Akira in the Tokyo auction, where he first meets Chris Parker, who trained the boy. Purchases Joshua in the Amsterdam auction after getting advice from Chris Parker regarding the purchase.

Personal Description: “Graying hair bleached white by the Arizona sun, tan skin and twinkling green eyes that betrayed his Spanish ancestry and set off his white teeth.” He sickens and dies from AIDS during the course of the story.