Philip Harrington, Lord Southerby Edit

appears in The Reunion.

Philip Harrington, Lord Southerby is the son of a Duke. He is "to the manor born:" part of a Marketplace family, and an Owner and Trainer.

Phillip is married to his training partner, Angelique and is seen to have great promise by Howard Ward. Following the creation of The Regents, there is some international consternation that no BritishTrainer is part of the group, and a search is on to find a potential trainer willing to undergo training in the "old guard" style. Chris Parker is asked to make this offer to Philip and his wife. The offer is to increase Phillip's training record with a stint in Japan with Sakai Tetsuo. If Philip takes this position, Howard Ward will cede his Training House to Philip, and Lord Southerby will be the first titled trainer from Great Britain since before WWII.

Personal Description. Handsome English lord in the classic style, with long legs and long arms, wavy gold hair and light hazel eyes. Probably played a lot of cricket in his youth, currently rides, hunts and plays polo. Nigel Pepper took photos of Lord and Lady Southerby on their honeymoon, which has irritated Philip to no end.