Paul Sheridan Edit

first appears in The Marketplace and narrates In Service in The Academy. He also appears in a non-Marketplace novella, The Catalyst.

Paul Sheridan is a New York City-based Spotter who first appears in The Marketplace when he brings potential Marketplace slave Brian to the Long Island Training HouseGrendel Elliott andAlexandra Selador are his preferred Trainers, and he spotted a previous slave for them, described as a "puppy" who "went into a two-year contract right out of training..." and "traded at a twenty-five percent increase out of San Diego last year." (Possibly Steve, aka Muscledog. in The Slave). Paul is a long time friend of Ron Avidan and also friendly with Joost DeGraafl.

Paul's preferred method of payment for his services is a finders fee, and a straight percentage of sale price.

Personal Description: Gay man. Paul looked as though he lived in his leathers. They were old, well crafted, well formed to his hard body. His only concession to the summer heat was that his shirt had short sleeves. He likes bottoms with a "bratty attitude." He also enjoys playing poker.