Mistress Madeline Edit

appears in The Marketplace and in Thank You, Miss Claudia, narrated by Alexandra Selador, in The Academy. The story was written by Karen Taylor.

Mistress Madeline makes her first appearance in The Marketplace as the Owner of Claudia. Madeline lives somewhere in New Jersey and has a mixed household, keeping both Marketplace slaves and soft world slaves in her service. As such, she acts as an unofficial Spotter, bringing potential slaves to the attention of her favorite Training House, run by Alexandra Selador and Grendel Elliott. Other slaves she owns include Francie, Susan, Fletcher, and Jefferson. Madeline is a friend and sometimes lover of Carl Linden. She throws a lot of parties that also mix Marketplace and non-Marketplace people, and it's possible that information about the Marketplace was stolen by Sharon at one of these events. Attendees to her parties include David and unnamed actors and television newscasters. At the story inThank You, Miss Claudia, Robert Grafton is brought in to assist with service.

Personal Description: Cool, tall, dark “the color of milk chocolate, wears her hair long in complicated hair styles.