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This is a wiki for the Marketplace book series by Laura Antoniou. It was created to help give fans a place to learn more about the books, and the characters and places in them.

Latest activityEdit

  • edit Ron Avidan
    edited by A FANDOM user diff
    Summary: changed the tense mistakes and corrected the number of children he & Noach have
  • edit Marketplace Wikia
    edited by FandomBot diff
    Summary: Removal of a deprecated <hero> tag
  • new page Alexander
    created by Codydarkstalker
    New page: mentioned in The Reunion Alexander is a 42 year old Marketplace slave owned by a Scottsman, according to a report read by Ryan, a trainee at Kaleigh...
  • new page Ron Avidan
    created by Codydarkstalker
    New page: appears in The Trainer, The Academy and The Catalyst, a non-Marketplace novella. Ron Avidan is the only named member of Chris Parker's family. He is...
  • new page Paul Sheridan
    created by Codydarkstalker
    New page: Paul Sheridan Edit first appears in The Marketplace and narrates In Service in The Academy. He also appears in a non-Marketplace novella, The...
  • new page Ali Cruz
    created by Codydarkstalker
    New page: Ali Cruz Edit Allison (“Ali”) Cruz is a part-time Spotter who unofficially specializes in transgender merchandise. Originally went to Imala...
  • new page Spunk
    created by Codydarkstalker
    New page: appears in The California Way, narrated by Geoff Negel in The Academy. The story was written by M. Christian. Spunk is the member of an...
  • new page Shimada Family
    created by Codydarkstalker
    New page: Shimada Family Edit hosts of The Academy The Shimada family are owners of the ryokan and resort in Okinawa, where The Academy takes place. Likely a...
  • new page Sakai Tetsuo
    created by Codydarkstalker
    New page: Sakai Tetsuo is introduced in The Academy, and appears in The Reunion and The Inheritor. He is also an Owner. Runs the second most important training...
  • new page Lord Tillsdale
    created by Codydarkstalker
    New page: first mentioned in The Trainer and referenced in The Academy Lord Tillsdale is the English baron from a Marketplace family who owns Joan and her...

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