Ken Mandarin Edit

appears in The SlaveThe TrainerThe Inheritor and narrates Mandarin Style and Insha-Allah in The Academy

Kendra "Ken" Mandarin is one of the series' most popular characters. A SpotterOwner and Agent from a Marketplace family; she is introduced in Book Two The Slave when she brings Robin to the attention of Chris Parker. At the time of The Slave, she owns four slaves, including Andy and Cindy (it is later revealed that she had hired Chris Parker to hone their sexual skills). She also spots Jessie, acts as an agent for Khadija and locates Farouk al-Wadi for her. Ken met Alexandra Selador when Alex was still married and owned slaves.

Personal Description: Eurasian, attractive, sometimes deliberately presents as male for fun. Black spiky hair cascading down her back. She was a genuine heiress, a child from an ancient trading family based in Singapore. Her family’s heritage was mixed, and rich with fascinating historical tales, which she only told when plied with drink and steady flattery. from The Slave. Ken speaks Malay, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese, possibly also Shanghaiese), French and Portuguese as well as English. When she's pissed, she resorts to swearing in Cantonese. Brittle but charismatic personality, Her various battles with the various Marketplace establishments in the Far East were legendary, as were her father’s before he died; they had both shared a dislike of the Japanese block for their own reasons. fromThe Academy. Ken owns at least two properties on the East Coast; a house far out of town, and a duplex on the Upper East Side of New York City.