Jimmy Appleton Edit

appears in The Slave and The Trainer and mentioned briefly in the story The Nurse in The Academy

Jimmy first appears in The Slave when he and his lover, Eric Parese, purchase Robin at the New York “fall auction.” He and Eric live in Topanga Canyon, and co-owns Robin, Raul, Jeff, and Steve(Muscledog). He owned Carl prior to his relationship with Eric. Jimmy isa Securities Exchange professional, and is a friend and professional advisor to Monica and Roberto Vasquez.

Eric and Jimmy sometimes throws parties that mix Marketplace and non-Marketplace people; Marketplace guests have included Monica, the Panskis (Eve and Tom), as well as Roberto Vasques and his lover Lamont; non-Marketplace guests includeApril, who is a friend of Monica and is served by Robin.

Personal Description: "...slightly shorter, heavier, and had long straight brown hair, which was gathered at the back of his neck into a ponytail."