Grendel Elliott Edit

Appears in The MarketplaceThe SlaveThe Trainer, and The Academy.

Grendel has been a Spotter as well as a Trainer. He specializes in novice slaves. Marketplace slaves that he has trained include Robert Grafton, Sharon Brosa, Brian Cohen and Claudia, as well as several unnamed slaves.

Personal Description: "Black hair, close-cropped beard salted with strands of silver; above average height. Eyes are softly touched with humor."

Born in Lexington, Kentucky, Grendel was a competitive rider as a youth. He served a 2-year tour of duty in Vietnam before exploring San Francisco in the late 1960’s and geting involved in the alternative scene and finding the Marketplace. A very social man, Grendel has attended Academy events since the 1970's, and first meets Imala Anderson in the early 1980’s after completing his training with another unnamed trainer of good reputation. Through regular attendance at Academy events, Grendel meets Paul Sheridan, Janna Corliss, Corinne, Arturo Massimiliano, Matson, Alayne, Kyle van Dien, and Mr. Benjamin and his unnamed owner. He meets Michael LaGuardia briefly in San Francisco about a year before Michael moves to the East Coast to train with Imala Anderson.

In the early 1980's, Grendel joins with Alexandra Selador in the early 1980’s to develop the the Long Island Training House, where Chris Parker later joins the staff. The specialty of the house is new entrants in the Marketplace. He reluctantly (at first) hires Rachel as house assistant. Grendel owns no [Marketplace slaves"]. Grendel is primarily a gay man, and is an occasional fuckbuddy of OwnerGordon Reynolds. He is lovers with Alexandra Selador, one of the few women he’s interested in, and sexually sadistic to Chris Parker. Grendel’s dungeon is known as his “workshop.”

Timeline of significant events

1949 born in Lexington, KY  1967 drafted and has a two-year tour of Vietnam, returning to live in San Francisco  1971 finds the Marketplace and becomes a spotter  1975 attends his first Academy and meets a ["trainer'} who will take him on as an undertrainer  1978 begins training on his own  1981 meets Imala Anderson  1982 meets Alexandra Selador and begins a relationship with her  1983 joins forces with Alex to open the Long Island Training House  1985 the Long Island House is officially sanctioned by The Academy  1987 takes on Chris Parker as a major domo for the house  1991 takes Chris Parker and Rachel on vacation  1993 offers to buy Chris Parker from Imala Anderson