Danberry & Ellis Edit

appears in The Reunion

Danberry & Ellis is a British firm merging an old landed family and a tradesman, becoming a powerful import/export firm. The landed family had been a Marketplace family for decades. Philip Harrington puts in time at the company, and meets his wife, Angelique, who is working there as a consultant trainer for their new computer system. The firm sold Farouk al-Wadi to Khadija throughKen Mandarin on the condition that he be able to train his replacement.

The firm owns Kaleigh Castle, where The Reunion takes place and has a relationship with Trainer Howard Ward, who helped them set up the project. Danberry & Ellis keep an on-staff Agent at Kaleigh Castle who looks at the Marketplace slaves under finishing training, and get first pick of the lot. Their Agent at the time of The Reunion is Mr. Granger.

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