Dalton Edit

Appears in The Trainer, The Academy, and The Reunion.

Dalton was trained by Howard Ward, but also received “old guard” training. He did “finishing” training for Bronwyn, sent to him by another trainer of his line, ["Evander'}. A sibling trainer to Imala Anderson, he trained Chris Parker to buttle and sent him to Kaleigh Castle to be certified. It's likely he trained Mr. Glin, the butler at Rothmere.

In The Trainer, Dalton attends the event at Rothmere with fellow trainer Evander. Michael LaGuardia falls asleep at his presentation.

Personal Description: Piercing light blue eyes, wavy like the reflection of light over a shallow lake . . . with his deep eyes and high cheekbones, pale skin over a high, domed and nearly hairless forehead, he looked like some movie version of a butler or the headmaster of a boy’s school. from The Trainer Almost completely bald, with a carefully trimmed fringe of pure white hair and an angular face, creased with wrinkles and filled with great dignity. from The Academy His long time lover, Quentin, lives with him in a house in Surrey.