This timeline was developed by the Author to help sustain the constructs of the fictional universe, keep the universe consistent, and identify key points in the lives of the characters. The timeline includes information that does not exist in the novels themselves.


  • Godfrey Bridgewater is born.


  • The Bridgewater Training House line is established. This is the oldest of the American training houses, and is the training line of Anderson and Chris Parker.


  • Major Chatham is born in England.


  • Imala Anderson is born in Augusta, GA


  • Lloyd Buchanan is born


  • Major Chatham goes to war. 
  • Tetsuo Sakai is born. He is shortly orphaned and raised by an aunt.


  • Al Frick is born in the Chicago area


  • Major Chatham in the War in North Africa. He is offered a position as a Marketplace slave when peace is declared, and moves to the British Indian Empire when his Owner becomes part of the British Raj, and acts as his personal valet.


  • Alexandra Selador is born in Atlanta. 
  • Aiden Donnelly is born in Chicago.


  • Gladys is born. 
  • Major Chatham is offered a position as a Marketplace slave when peace is declared, and moves to the British Indian Empire when his Owner becomes part of the British Raj, and acts as his personal valet.


  • Paul Sheridan is born.


  • Grendel Elliott is born in Lexington.


  • Geoff Negel is born into a family with many real-estate holdings in Caifornia near Hollywood. He is a middle child, with older sister and younger brother. 
  • Major Chatham and his Owner return to England. He becomes a major-domo, hence the nickname.


  • Ron Avidan is born in Queens. His sibling, Chris Parker, will be born nine years later.


  • Gilles is born in Calais.


  • Robert Grafton is born in New Jersey. 
  • Tetsuo begins training with Noguchi at the age of 16. 
  • Aiden Donnelly attends Lakeforest Academy. His parents are recruited into the Marketplace as Owners.


  • Lorens is born in Denmark. 
  • Tomas is born in Spain. 
  • Valeria is born in Iran.


  • Richard Nelson is born in Ontario, Canada. 
  • Lloyd Buchanan, now 20, is spotted and trained. His Owners are closeted, wealthy gay men. He has 3-4 owners over a 10-year career.


  • Grendel Elliott begins riding competitively. 
  • Rachel is born in Canarsie. 
  • Carol Hotckins is born in Kansas. 
  • Al Frick (age 18) enters a university in Chicago, both undergrad and graduate. Very politically active.


  • Chris Parker is born in Queens (his brother, Ron Avidan, is nine years older). 
  • Tetsuo marries Suzue, arranged by Noguchi.


  • Alexandra Selador (age 15) has her first sexual experience.


  • Lucy is born Lucien in Provence. 
  • Aiden Donnelly attends Notre Dame. He applies for, and receives, a draft deferrment.


  • Noriko, daughter of Tetsuo is born. 
  • Alexandra Selador (age 18) attends college in Georgia. Regularly travels up to New York City for fun. Ron Avidan. Vanjel is born outside Bucharest.


  • Grendel Elliott (age 16) has his first sexual encounters. 
  • Claudia is born in Trenton, to a father who is a construction project manager and a mother who is an alcoholic. 
  • Al Frick gets a teaching degree, and a short-term teaching gig or two somewhere in the Midwest. He continues his political activism.


  • Robin Cassidy is born in Upstate New York. 
  • Tetsuo (age 26) goes to the United States for schooling. 
  • Aiden Donnelly (age 20) graduates from Notre Dame, and heads to Yale for his MBA.


  • Grendel Elliott is drafted at the age of 18, and goes to Vietnam for two years. 
  • Brian Cohen is born in Brooklyn (Bay Ridge). 
  • Michael LaGuardia is born, probably somewhere in California. 
  • Gladys goes into a service contract that eventually extends for 25 years.


  • Tetsuo returns to Japan at the age of 28 with an MBA from Harvard. 
  • Alexandra Selador (age 22) graduates and moves to New York City, getting into the swinging and the kink scene. 
  • Aiden Donnelly (age 22) graduates from Yale, learns that his parents are Marketplace Owners, and leaves home, headed to California. 
  • Ron Avidan (age 17) goes to Israel for three years. 
  • Geoff Negel (age 18) enters college (USC) in 1968 (staying out of Vietnam with the help of his father). He majors in business and minors in psychology; is active in Student Council, theatre and on the Lacross team; plays tennis and surfs; and meets a girlfriend with Marketplace connections. 
  • Lloyd (age 30) Buchanan leaves the Marketplace and moves to San Francisco, blowing his money in short time. 
  • Gilles (age 16) begins summer jobs as a camp counselor.


  • Alexandra Selador enters the Marketplace as a slave (age 23). 
  • Aiden Donnelly (age 23) meets and marries his wife, Francie. 
  • Grendel Elliott (age 20) returns from Vietnam and immediately goes to San Francisco, blending in with the hippies to forget the war. His enjoyment of the discipline remains and he gets into SM, enjoying both gay sex and the swinging scene.


  • Sharon Brosa is born in Great Neck, Long Island. 
  • Elaine is born in England. 
  • Robert Grafton (age 13) is jerking off to photos of a woman in thigh-high leather boots. 
  • Al Frick finishes (age 29) his teaching gigs and moves to San Francisco to work for a gay paper and as a substitute teacher. Fights the Briggs amendment.


  • Grendel Elliott (age 22) finds The Marketplace through friends who are spotters and becomes a Spotter himself. Gets good reputation for finding “difficult” but successful clients. 
  • Ron Avidan (age 20) returns to New York, sets up in Greenwich Village and begins college; midway into his first semester, he is spotted and drops out of school to begin training with Imala Anderson (age 38). 
  • Robin (age 5) starts playing s/m games. 
  • Geoff Negel (age 21) meets parents of girlfriend who are impressed with his natural “training” abilities, and introduce him to a MP trainer at a party. 
  • Desmond is born in Akron. 
  • Gilles (age 19) goes to college. 
  • Aiden Donnelly (age 25) and his wife have their first child, William.


  • Alexandra Selador (age 26) leaves the Marketplace, returns to New York where she becomes a professional domina. 
  • Ron Avidan (age 21) is sold for a two year contract; he does not renew it. 
  • Geoff Negel (age 22) graduates; meets up with the Trainer; begins as an undertrainer. 
  • Lorens has first sexual experiences (age 16); hotly pursued for his good looks, experiments with s/m. 
  • Billy-Ray Clemm is born in Little Rock Kansas, into a military family.


  • Chandra is born in South Africa. She has mixed parentage, probably light-skinned black and Indian. 
  • Al Frick (age 32) meets Lloyd Buchanan (age 35) at a photo shoot where Lloyd is modeling for magazines and porn movies. They are together ever since. 
  • Geoff Negel (age 22) attends first Academy as junior trainer. Makes connections. 
  • Lorens (age 17) becomes active in bodybuilding, trains and travels, and becomes a young model for a notorious Scandinavian s/m leather artist. 
  • Tetsuo’s wife, Suzue dies, leaving him primary parent to 10 year old Noriko.


  • Chris Parker (age 14) begins running away from home to spend time with his brother, Ron Avidan in Greenwich Village. 
  • Ron Avidan (age 23) leaves the Marketplace after being told by Imala Anderson that she doesn’t think more training is what he needs; makes contact with his family again. 
  • Rachel (age 15) runs aways from home, and meets Chris Parker. 
  • Claudia (age 9) starts taking ballet classes. She enjoys the discipline. 
  • Geoff Negel takes apprenticeship at second training house, this time in Europe. Attends second Academy. 
  • Lorens (age 24) and the drawings by the artist are spotted. Lorens is running for a “Mr. Muscles” title in Europe. He is seduced into training by being promised free opportunities for body building. 
  • Gilles (age 22) starts working in day care centers and discretely exploring some kinky parts of his personality. 
  • Aiden Donnelly (age 28) and his wife have a second child, Dylan.


  • Chris Parker (age 15) leaves home for good, living on and off with Ron Avidan and various lovers, including Rachel. Chris now identifies as a butch with a devout attraction to s/m. 
  • Ron Avidan (age 24) has an apartment in the West Village and is an out, proud leatherman involved in the gay rights movement. 
  • Rachel (age 16) occasionally lets Chris Parker stay with her; they trick together and develop their brother/sister style relationship. 
  • Alexandra Selador (age 29) marries client and moves to Long Island. They throw great swingers parties that often include some Marketplace people, including Mistress Madeline, David, Ken Mandarin, Gordon Reynolds, Lawrence and Nancy, Mistress Janelle, Madame, and many others. She meets Sebastian Pettibone Tucker on one of his trips to New York; they become lifelong friends. 
  • Grendel Elliott (age 26) attends his first Academy, and finds a trainer who will take him on as apprentice. 
  • Paul Sheridan (age 27) “spots” Ron Avidan (age 24) and they begin a lifelong friendship. 
  • Robert Grafton (age 18) attends Rutgers University. Majors in business. 
  • Brian Cohen (age 8) and his friend, Nick, read comic books, including “Thunder, Native Warrior” and play bondage and domination games. 
  • Lorens (age 19) is sold into his first 2 year contract, competes professionally. 
  • Richard Nelson (age 17) attends the University of Ontario. He’s into kink.


  • Alexandra Selador (age 30) and her husband buy their first Marketplace slave. 
  • Geoff Negel (age 26) returns to US with a trainer/lover, to open a Training House in Santa Cruz. Purchases house from sister (part of family estate), in return for supplying her with regular slaves.


  • After a difficult period where Chris Parker was involved with someone dangerous, Ron Avidan finally refers his sibling to Imala Anderson. Vincente clocks Chris instantly. Chris is sent away because he is only 17, and returns to the woman who “owned” him at the time, until that seven month period is over. 
  • Lorens (age 21) is convinced by both his Owner and his Trainer to sign a five year contract, and continues to compete professionally, and is a successful business investment for his owner. 
  • Carol Hotchkins (age 18) comes in third place in a beauty contest, and wins a free trip to Vegas and an audition. She takes it. She stays, begins waitressing.


  • Chris Parker does not return to Imala Anderson when he turns 18, but instead, takes a year to take someone on as a bottom, train them, and, with the help of his brother, Ron Avidan, introduces the bottom to a spotter/trainer named Kyle Van Dien who gets the slave into the Marketplace. 
  • Alexandra Selador (age 32) sells slave back for much higher price; purchases another slave to improve. Begins to be watched by The Marketplace. 
  • Grendel Elliott (age 29) begins taking clients on his own. 
  • Robert Grafton (age 21) meets Angie, his future wife. 
  • Geoff Negel‘s lover retires from Marketplace. He continues, and develops a new style. 
  • Gilles (age 26) is spotted, trained and goes into three year contract. The owners have a baby; contract renewed for additional three years. 
  • Valeria and her family leave Iran.


  • Chris Parker (age 19) returns to Imala Anderson (age 46). He now has a brand on his arm. He’s sent to train with Janna Corliss for six months. Following that, he studies with Dalton for approximately 8 months, during which time Chris serves at Kaleigh Castle under Mr. Blake. 
  • Grendel Elliott (age 30) begins attending The Academy on his own. Meets Paul Sheridan, Janna Corliss, Matson, Alayne, Mr. Benjamin, and eventually Arturo Massimiliano over the next several years. 
  • Ron Avidan (age 28) is now identifying as a top, and hustling for money. 
  • Lucy Delacroix (age 16) runs away to Nice, and disappears into the gay community. He begins dressing full time as a woman and calls himself “Lucille.” 
  • Richard Nelson graduates at age 21 with a business degree, and gets a job. He continues to hang out with the kinky crowd, though. 
  • Tomas (age 22) is spotted and trained by an under-trainer of Moises del Cipriano. Sold into 2 year contract to a woman. 
  • Tetsuo’s daughter, Noriko (age 13) begins living with her father full time at his school. Tetsuo is 40. 
  • Aiden Donnelly (age 33) and his wife have a third child, their only daughter, Siobhan.


  • Chris Parker (age 20) completes his training with Dalton and returns to Imala Anderson (age 47). She forces him into women’s clothes. 
  • Alexandra Selador (age 34) takes a third slave for owning/training. Friends start sending slaves to her for “improvement.” 
  • Sharon Brosa (age 10) is tying herself up and having sexual fantasies about being a kidnapped princess. 
  • Geoff Negel (age 30) first begins to discuss his new style at that year's Academy. It meets with mixed reviews. 
  • Lucy (age 17) does sex work, and starts getting paid as a pro dom. She’s good at it; enjoys pleasing people. 
  • Richard Nelson (age 22) gets Marketplace training, and sold as a novice slave into a two year contract, which is renewed for an additional three years. 
  • Carol Hotchkins (age 21) starts working as a hostess in the casinos. She’s spotted by Sam Keesey who trains her and puts her on the block. She’s sold into a two year contract which is not satisfying to her.


  • Chris Parker (age 21) meets Ali Cruz, who makes a diagnosis of his dysphoria. He is released from formal training under Imala Anderson (48) in order to enter NYU and therapy. He receives his cutting. 
  • Grendel Elliott (age 32) meets Imala Anderson (age 48). 
  • Alexandra Selador (age 35) becomes a widow when her husband dies suddenly of a heart attack. All of his property on Long Island is now hers. She begins considering training as a profession. 
  • Robert Grafton (age 24) marries Angie. 
  • Claudia (age 16) has first and only serious boyfriend in high school. She turns down every offer to have sex. She is still dancing, and involved with the school theatre group. 
  • Lucy (age 18) gets spotted. Later that year, she begins training with Arturo Massimiliano. 
  • Gilles (age 29) gets his contract renewed and takes care of a baby. 
  • Tomas (age 25) gets contract renewed for three years with his Lady Love. 
  • Major Chatham (age 62) retires from The Marketplace.


  • Chris Parker (age 22) flowers as a top. Imala Anderson (age 49) sends him slaves to play with. 
  • Alexandra Selador (age 36) receives an invitation to attend The Academy as a recognized Trainer. Meets Grendel Elliott (age 33). They have hot sex; the first Grendel has had sex with a woman in years. 
  • Claudia (age 17) begins a part-time job, falls in love with her boss, a butch looking woman. Keeps job while attending school. 
  • Robin (age 16) is playing s/m games with her girlfriend, Cheryl. 
  • Geoff Negel (age 32) begins lecturing at Owner events and gets good reception for his new training style. 
  • Lorens (age 26) completes his contract, seeks out Anderson to be retrained and remains with her for 8 months. 
  • Lucy (age 19) is sold into her first two year contract. 
  • Carol Hotchkins (age 23) is sold into another two year contract, which is also unsatisfying to her.


  • Imala Anderson (age 50) gets Chris Parker (age 23) a Marketplace slave, Anthony, to act as his aide and his masculine role model. Anthony teaches Chris to box. Chris continues school, majoring in psychology. 
  • Chris Parker spends a 10 day visit with Margaret Perlmutter 
  • After a year of negotation, Alexandra Selador (age 37) and Grendel Elliott (age 34) move in together in the Long Island House and set up a training facility. Grendel buys horses; Alexandra builds rest of staff. 
  • Sharon Brosa (age 13) discovers s/m magazines when visiting a friend’s house. 
  • Robert Grafton (age 26) has first child. Moves family to Greenwich. 
  • Lorens (age 27) returns to the block, sold as chauffuer/bodyguard to a wealthy businessman. The contract is so small, he is forced to continue contract to pay Imala Anderson back. 
  • Vanjel (age 19) begins expressing himself artistically, and getting into s/m. Influenced by Mapplethorpe.


  • Chris Parker (age 24) continues school and studying Imala Anderson's techniques. He first meets Valeria around this time. 
  • Alexandra Selador (age 38) and Grendel Elliott (age 35) build a solid Training house, and receive important referrals through their combination of Spotter, Trainer and Owner colleagues. 
  • Claudia (age 19) has her first girlfriend. The relationship lasts three years. 
  • Robin (age 18) goes to SUNY. 
  • Lucy (age 21) takes a year off from the Marketplace to do hormones, therapy, and surgery. 
  • Al Frick (age 43) and Lloyd Buchanan (age 46) leave San Francisco as the death toll from AIDS rises, and head to another city. Al gets into sys op work, Lloyd gets another post office job. 
  • Carol Hotchkins (age 25) leaves the Marketplace. She stays in Nevada, settling in Reno, and goes to business school to learn word processing and paralegal skills. 
  • Gilles (age 32) returns to the block; sold to a large family. 
  • Tomas (age 28) does not get his contract renewed; he grieves, attends a Reunion. He eventually goes back to the Marketplace and is sold to a man for three years. 
  • Robin (age 19) starts calling phone sex lines, and meets “Master Bob.” 
  • Lucy (age 22) returns to the Marketplace and gets another two year contract, which is renewed for three. 
  • Richard (age 27) does not get his contract renewed. He takes a break to think about going back to the block, and meets Lisa. They fall in love, and marry the following year.


  • Chris Parker (age 25) graduates and receives a pen and an offer from Imala Anderson (age 52) to go into training. Vicente marks this time as when he first “met” Chris. She brings Chris to the 1985 Academy (in Upstate New York) and she sends Chris to Tetsuo Sakai (age 46) who takes him to Japan for an extended period of training - three months of advanced training, then a period of time as a formal apprentice where he trains three slaves, one of whom is Akira. Tetsuo’s daughter, Noriko, dies in a car accident and in grief, Tetsuo gravely injures Chris. During th at year’s Academy, Chris is returned to Anderson. 
  • Alexandra Selador (age 38) and Grendel Elliott (age 35) are invited to the Academy (in Upstate New York) where their Training House receives official sanction. They meet Imala Anderson and begins to build a relationship with her. 
  • Aiden Donnelly (age 38) purchases Sasha, a slave trained by Max Bloom. Sasha is 49 at the time of his purchase. 
  • Geoff Negel (age 35) attends Academy and continues to lecture on his style of training, calling it the wave of the future. First run-in with Imala Anderson happens here. 
  • Robert Grafton (age 28) has second child, is moving quickly up the corporate ladder at his job. 
  • Brian Cohen (age 18) attends Brooklyn College for two years. Drops out. 
  • Lorens (age 29) re-signs his contract, in order to pay Imala Anderson back. Meanwhile, his worth as a general purpose slave improves.


  • Chris Parker (age 26) returns from Japan as Imala Anderson’s undertrainer, assisting other trainers,including Janna Corliss. He meets Grendel Elliott and Alexandra Selador and begins a sexual relationship with Grendel. He also attends a Marketplace event where he meets Monica, who remembers him as “quite a little butterball.” 
  • Sharon Brosa (age 16) rents a PO Box in Queens to order erotica material. 
  • Michael LaGuardia (age 19) starts college at Berkeley. 
  • Richard (age 28) and Lisa marry, and move to Atlanta, where Lisa is finishing her graduate degree. Richard gets a good job. 
  • Carol Hotchkins (age 27) finishes business school and gets a good job at a law firm. 
  • Tequila Gold (age 25) works for the LAPD. She wears her hair short, and as many piercings as she can get away with. She’s a hot fuck in the dyke community. 
  • The Academy takes place in Santorini. Chris Parker attends representing Imala Anderson (to watch an Anderson slave in action), and as part of Ninon’s entourage (where the slave was finishing training). Also attending the Santorini Academy from the U.S. are Alexandra Selador and Sebastian Pettibone Tucker.


  • Chris Parker (age 27) gets a long-term position at the Long Island House, under the direction of Grendel Elliott and Alexandra Selador. It is a compromise between Marketplace slave and Trainer. He has been undergoing hormone therapy for several years now, and finally has the money for upper body surgery. It is not very well done, and he hides his new chest with binding. His relationship changes with Grendel and Alex, developing into the erotic denial mode which sustains him for years. 
  • Aiden Donnelly (age 41) loses his wife to an unexpected illness. 
  • Robert Grafton (age 30) meets his future mistress at a party. Goes into service to her less than a week later. 
  • Claudia (age 22) has a second, more butch looking girlfriend. While with her, she attends anti-porn rallies, and for the first time she sees magazines that she identifies with. 
  • Brian Cohen (age 20) and his girlfriend play kinky sex games. 
  • Lorens (age 31) returns to the block, and is sold to a novelist in Seattle. 
  • Joshua (age 30) is purchased by Roberto in Amsterdam in order to serve as his nurse at Roberto and Lamont's home in New Mexico. 
  • Richard (age 29) has his first child, Amy, and gets a promotion at work. 
  • Chandra (age 14) becomes sexually active, primarily with older men. 
  • Elaine (age 17) gets au pair position in the US for two years. 
  • Tomas (age 31) sold to another man for three years.


  • Because of Chris Parker’s work, the Long Island Training House begins to expand and get many new clients. He asks Grendel Elliott and Alexandra Seldaor if he could recommend someone to assist, and contacts Rachel (age 29). She is hired. 
  • Brian Cohen (age 21) starts going to gay bars, meets Ron Avidan at the Shaft. 
  • Robin (age 22) graduates from SUNY. Later that year, she breaks up with Maria. 
  • Desmond (age 17) starts tricking with men, enjoys rough sex. Goes to Cleveland for privacy. 
  • Vanjel (age 24) is spotted and trained. Sold to a Sarajevo family for three years. 
  • Tomas (age 32) takes a two year break from MP. He misses it; gets pleasure training, and goes back on the block in 1990.


  • Chris Parker (age 29) is at the Long Island Training House. 
  • Brian Cohen (age 22) enters a leather contest, which pisses off Ron Avidan. Ron breaks off the relationship. Brian begins a series of relationships, including a few months with a woman, and at least two potential leathermen tops. 
  • Ron Avidan (age 38) meets two men in a bar and trains them The Catalyst. 
  • Sharon Brosa (age 19) attends Queensborough College. She takes a class in literature from Jerry, and drops out of the class in order to move in with him. He is her first “master.” 
  • Robert Grafton (age 33) tells his wife about his sexual kink. She is horrified, divorces him and keeps full custody of the children. He moves to a studio apartment in Chelsea. His training becomes even more feminizing. 
  • Claudia (age 24) answers an ad placed by Mistress Madeline in a sex magazine, and moves into with her four months later. 
  • Robin (age 23) becomes Troy’s slave. 
  • Lorens (age 33) and his mistress renew their contract for an additional 4 years. 
  • Richard (age 31) has a second child, Todd. Lisa is now home full time caring for her kids. 
  • Chandra (age 16) moves in with a man who has some Marketplace connections, meets Ninon. 
  • Tequila (age 28) is spotted by Cyril and trained. 
  • Gilles (age 37) gets a five year renewal contract. 
  • Elaine (age 19) is an aupair in France for two years.


  • Chris Parker (age 30) is still undergoing physical change. Begins a new hormone regime and undergoes cosmetic surgery. 
  • Michael LaGuardia (age 23) is introduced to the Marketplace by his uncle Niall. 
  • Brian Cohen (age 23) enters a second leather contest. He loses, but meets Paul Sheridan (age 51). 
  • Sharon Brosa joins The Equivocal Coalition. She leaves Jerry for Frank (her second “Master”). Has her first sexual experience with a woman. Meets Joe Manelli at a party thrown by MistressMadeline, where she also steals information about the Marketplace. 
  • Robert Grafton (age 34) begins looking for a gender change support group. Meets Ali Cruz. 
  • Robin (age 24) has the “Barry” incident. 
  • Tomas (age 34) after pleasure training, gets told to “party house” in Monaco. 
  • Lucy (age 27) doesn’t renew her contract; takes two years off for more body work. 
  • Desmond (age 19) is spotted and trained. 
  • Billy-Ray Clemm (age 18) joins the Army. 
  • Tequila Gold (age 29) gets two year contract as private bodyguard.


  • The Marketplace takes place in the spring. 
  • The Slave take place i November. 
  • Chris Parker has sex with Valeria in ["Anderson"'s] home. 
  • Valeria opens her own Training House. 
  • Chris Parker is continuing to change. He meets Robin at a gay bar, in the winter, and trains her. 
  • Robin is brought to meet Chris Parker by Ken Mandarin. She undergoes training with him, and is sold at the fall New York auction to Eric Parese and Jimmy Appleton. 
  • Sharon Brosa moves in with Joe Manelli in order to get him to fake papers for her entrance into the Marketplace. 
  • Brian Cohen (age 24), after moving in with Paul Sheridan (age 52), is deemed ready for potential Marketplace training. 
  • Robert Grafton (age 34) is Spotted by Ali Cruz, leaves his Mistress and goes into the Marketplace. 
  • Claudia (age 26) is sent to the Long Island House for training by Mistress Madeline. 
  • The Marketplace takes place. Sharon Brosa and Robert Grafton are sold. Claudia is returned to Mistress Madeline. Brian gets additional training and is sold later in the year. Grendel Elliott andAlexandra Selador take a vacation with Chris Parker and Rachel. 
  • Geoff Negel (age 41) accepts Michael LaGuardia (age 24) for training. 
  • Chandra (age 18) goes into training with Ninon and sold into her first two-year Marketplace contract.


  • Chris Parker (age 32) leaves the Long Island House and moves in with Imala Anderson (age 59). 
  • Geoff Negel (age 42) takes Michael LaGuardia to Rothmere. 
  • Michael LaGuardia (age 25) goes to Rothmere, and later that year, has the “Karen” incident. 
  • Lucy (age 29) contacts an agent for private sales, and gets a successful five year contract with an American. WHen he is transferred to Zurich, she goes with him, and renews for an additional five years. 
  • Al Frick (age 51) starts working as a sys admin, and gets gigs teaching “gay studies.” 
  • Tequila (age 31) signs three year contract with a well known rock star. 
  • Vanjel (age 28) experiences the Yugo break up. 
  • Gladys (age 45) retires, marries the handyman, and moves to Brighton.


  • The Academy begins in October. Takes place in Okinawa. 
  • Chris Parker (age 33) begins to train Michael LaGuardia. Takes him to The Academy. 
  • The Trainer begins in February. 
  • Robin (age 27) renews contract with Eric Parese and Jimmy Appleton, but shortly before the Academy, is given to Monica. 
  • Lorens (age 37) returns to Imala Anderson in preparation for a lifetime contract with his owner, a novelist in Seattle. 
  • Richard (age 35) and Lisa attend their first reunion, and meet Al Frick and Lloyd Buchanan. 
  • Tomas (age 39) has contract at party house renewed for five years. 
  • Chandra (age 20) goes into second two year contract, and begins designing costumes for herself. 
  • Desmond (age 22) renews his contract with the Delaneys for three years. 
  • Billy-Ray (age 21) is caught under “don’t ask, don’t tell.” He’s spotted and trained by Sebastian Pettibone Tucker. 
  • Vanjel's Owners begin not renewing contracts.


  • Chris Parker (age 34) is in Japan with Tetsuo Sakai and becomes a member of The Regents. 
  • Michael LaGuardia (age 27) leaves training to marry Claire Cameron in the early autumn. 
  • Billy-Ray (age 22) gets first grduge slave contract. His agent is Spiro. 
  • Abe Jiro leaves Japan to serve Imala Anderson as her undertrainer. 
  • Gilles (age 42) takes six month break for schooling; meets Elaine (age 24). They have a brief affair, he tells her about the Marketplace. 
  • Vanjel (age 30) is removed from service under “war clause.”


  • Chris Parker (age 35) is in Kobe earthquake. In late autmn, he returns to NYC for the christening of Michael LaGuardia's son, Christopher, and for the bat mitzvah of Batya, the oldest daughter of his brother’s lover Noach. 
  • Robin signs three year contract with Monica. 
  • Richard (age 37) and Lisa attend a “family friendly” Reunion, again meeting up with Al Frick and Lloyd Buchanan. 
  • Chandra (age 22) gets third owner, who offers to cover the costs of school. She agrees, and stays in Milan with him for an additional three years. 
  • Tequila (age 34) signs second three year contract. 
  • Tetsuo (age 56) marries a second time to Azami Murasaki. 
  • Elaine (age 25) enters MP.


  • Chris Parker (age 36) renews two year contract with Tetsuo. Begins also to care for Tetsuo’s children, Kameko and Machi. 
  • Desmond (age 25) renews contract with the Delaneys for additional three years. 
  • Billy-Ray takes six month sabbatical, gets another grudge owner. 
  • Abe Jiro stays in NYC with Imala Anderson. 
  • Gilles (age 44) and Elaine (age 26) begin serious romance and make future plans. 
  • Vanjel (age 32) experiences post-traumatic stress disorder.


  • Chris Parker remains in Japan with Tetsuo. 
  • Imala Anderson (age 64) announces she will take no more trainees.


  • The Reunion takes place. 
  • Chris Parker (age 38) signs a new five year contract with Tetsuo. 
  • Robin (age 32) does not get her contract renewed with Monica. 
  • Desmond (age 27) learns his owners are divorcing. 
  • Tomas (age 42) gets offer from friend of current Owner to purchase him. 
  • Billy-Ray (age 26) finishes second grudge contract.


  • Robin (age 33) gets purchased by Aiden Donnelly.


  • The Inheritor begins, just after Thanksgiving. 
  • Robin (age 34) celebrates her first anniversary in her new contract with Aiden Donnelly. 
  • Robin, Aiden Donnelly, Michael LaGuardia, Claire Cameron attend The Playhouse


  • The Inheritor takes place. 
  • Chris Parker becomes Trainer of Trainers