Ali Cruz Edit

Allison (“Ali”) Cruz is a part-time Spotter who unofficially specializes in transgender merchandise. Originally went to Imala Anderson believing that her “problem” was needing to be a slave, rather than gender dysphoria. She sends potential clients to Grendel Elliott and Alexandra Selador. Brings Robert to Alexandra Selador. Spots Francie and gets her a position with Mistress Madeline.

Personal Description: Male to female transsexual who transitioned in the 1970's. Very expressive. "tall and attractive and ever so familiar and homey. Her russet hair was pulled back into a bun, but stray wisps framed her face and bounced with every move. . . older than she appeared. Her long, straight body and the thickness of her hair screamed early thirties, but her mischievous deep brown eyes and the faint lines around them told a tale at least ten years older or more." Ali has known Imala Anderson for over 30 years at the time of The Academy, Chris Parker for about 15, and Alexandra Selador and Grendel Elliot for at least 20. Appears in The MarketplaceThe Slave and in two stories in The Academy - Thank you, Miss Claudia and Clocking.