Alexandra Selador Edit

Appears in The Marketplace, The Slave, The Trainer and narrates Thank You, Miss Claudia in The Academy.

Alex is a partner with Grendel Elliot in a Training House on Long Island (the property is hers). The specialty of the house is new entrants in the Marketplace. We're entry-level, undergraduate. - from The Marketplace

Alex's unwritten background includes an extensive history in The Marketplace, beginning with a time as a slave, then becoming an Owner before training.

Slaves trained include Robert Grafton, Sharon Brosa, Brian Cohen, and Claudia, as well as several unnamed slaves. House staff includes Chris Parker from time to time, as well as Rachel, Jack, and others.

Professional associations include Ken Mandarin, Ali Cruz, Janna Corliss, Sebastian Pettibone Tucker, Matson, Alayne, and Imala Anderson. Also knows Corinne, Honore, and ["Arturo Massimiliano]" from various Academy events. Arturo Massimiliano sends Italian agents/spotters to the Long Island House on a regular basis.

Owner clients include Mistress Madeline, Gordon Reynolds, Lawrence and Nancy, Mistress Janelle, Mistress Pauline and The Camerons, and an unnamed television newscaster. Imala Anderson refersChris Parker to the Long Island house in 1987.

Personal Description: Elegant and small, a softness around her face, blond hair which is swept through with waves of white. from The Slave Alex refers to her dungeon as her “studio.” Alex tops Grendel in The Marketplace, and is Rachel’s lover.

Timeline of Significant Events

1948 born in Atlanta  1969 enters The Marketplace as a slave  1972 retires from the Marketplace and becomes a professional dominitrex in New York  1975 marries a client and moves into the Long Island House  1976 she and her husband purchase their first Marketplace slave  1978 sells the slave after “improving” her property  1980 regularly training slaves unofficially for friends  1981 is widowed, begins training professionally from her home  1982 meets Grendel Elliot and Sebastian Pettibone Tucker at an Academy  1983 she and Grendel begin their partnership  1985 house is officially sanctioned by The Academy  1985 meets Imala Anderson and Chris Parker at an Academy  1986 meets Ali Cruz  1987 accepts Chris Parker on to the Long Island House staff  1988 brings Rachel onto the Long Island house staff  1993 attends The Academy in Okinawa.