Aiden Conor Patrick Donnelly Edit

Aidan Conor Patrick Donnelly was the son of a visionary and the grandson of a penniless immigrant, 
born to comfort and driven to wealth beyond the most fevered fantasies of the men for whom he was named
. — The Inheritor

Aiden Donnelly appears in The Inheritor and is a Marketplace Owner. He is a second generation of a Marketplace family. His first sexual relationship is with a Marketplace slave, and went to the best schools - Lakeforest Academy and then Notre Dame, then onto Yale for graduate school. He had an easy life, enjoyed drifting into different groups, and was active with "The Pundits" a Yale prankster group.

When his parents tell him about the Marketplace, Aiden is shocked, and runs away to San Francisco. He drops out, gets engaged with drugs, sex, and the rock scene in California. He meets his future wife, Fran, who is a bit more level-headed about the value of money, and he returns home to take on the family company.

At the time of The Inheritor, he is widowed and in his 50's, handsome and very Irish. He owns Robin Cassidy. Another of his slaves, Sasha, was in his family. His properties include an 18-room penthouse apartment in Chicago, homes in Aspen, St. Barts, the villa in Nice.

Personal Description: [Robin] liked his slightly wavy hair, ginger going to a silvery white, his deep voice and his obvious confidence. He was tall, about six feet, and carried a little extra weight around his middle. His clothing was well tailored, though – there was no pulling at any buttons when he sat or shifted his posture. His Patek Philippe watch probably cost more than a decent car, but it suited him perfectly. Everything about him seemed to be made for him designed for his needs and pleasure.