Abe Jiro Edit

introduced in The Academy as an unnamed Japanese man who hears the story of Bullseye, and and also appears in The Reunion and The Inheritor.

Abe Jiro is a junior trainer in the Training House of Tetsuo Sakai and later traded to Imala Anderson as an undertrainer when she sells Chris Parker to Tetsuo. Abe and Chris help to manage the Kobe Training House for Tetsuo, and one of his trainees is Mariko.

Abe stays in the United States after The Academy, remains in contact with Chris through his Japanese internship, and sees Chris prior to his flight to The Reunion. He is in the [Training House"] ofAnderson when Chris returns to the United States in The Inheritor.

He marries Masami and brings her to the United States.

Personal Description: Tall, slender and slightly feminine. Likes American fashion and speaks fairly good English with an accent. Mostly heterosexual, and sleeps with Bronwyn at The Academy.